We are hsj strato

We enable your business in the cloud

We are the techie arm of HSJ Accountants. We can help you take advantage of the cloud for your business

Embrace the cloud

Embracing the cloud has a range of advantages, most businesses move to the cloud for three reasons: security, flexibility, and opportunity. We help you  take advantage of all three.

There are so many cloud apps available to replace desktop software and help your business run smarter.

We’ll show you that technology and guide you through and exciting journey

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Image of man using a tablet HSJ helps business use cloud based apps to streamline their business

Remove operational headaches

We can select and embed the right technology to take away operational headaches

We are experts in saving your business time and money by using smart technology.

We understand the frustrations business owners face when things take too long or information is not readily available. We take away those frustrations and help you improve your bottom line.

As technology specialists, we can mould the right software around your day to day operations and give you impacting results.

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Image of a businessman, HSJ strato helps reduce operational headaches through using cloud software

Create a cloud finance hub


We can help you move your financial data securely to the cloud

We are a unique team of qualified accountants and software specialists; we work side by side helping businesses to move from paper, spreadsheets or Sage to Xero, powerful cloud based accounting software.

There are over 500 addOns (apps) that plug in to Xero; we specialise in helping clients get the most of Xero by recommending and embedding the right addOns for their business.

We can create a hub for you in the cloud where your day to day business data is real time and accessible from anywhere at anytime.

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image of the word create HSJ strato helps businesses create a hub in the cloud

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Technology we love

Automating, time saving, streamlining & cost saving ….. all in the cloud

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