3 Reasons to do CRM. HSJ Strato helps businesses get CRM right.

3 Reasons to do CRM

Software vendors will of course say that your company needs to have a CRM app and a process. You may think “just another cloud subscription increasing my overheads…” or you might be thinking “we probably do, but why exactly?” Here are our 3 reasons why you should do CRM.

Reason 1: Save Time

If you could put your hand on customer information in one click think how much time that would save? It sounds really obvious but so many businesses we speak to have customer data in several places:

  • In their billing or accounts package
  • On spreadsheets or word documents
  • In emails, across several email accounts

Probably the richest information is contained in emails, they are the real “relationship” conversations, the ones that over time gradually build trust and nurture new business or as importantly, resolve issues.

If you could pull up a customer record and see all that information in one place imagine the time saving and the information power you’d have at your fingertips. You’d be able to pick out simple stuff like: this customer hasn’t placed an order in a while, why is that? Action: make contact with the customer, try to find out why and generally what’s going on in their business.

Reason 2: Stop opportunities slipping through the net

Opportunities to do business are everywhere if you are proactive. A company asks for a recommendation on LinkedIn for your services, you meet someone whilst out networking, take their card and make a mental note to drop them a line, someone at a sports club you go to works for a company you’d love to sell to, you are filling your car at the fuel station and see a sign written van who you think could be a good customer … the list goes on. All of these opportunities will present themselves without you specifically looking, the problem is you make a mental note then the day takes over and nothing gets done. If you have a CRM habit and an app running alongside all you need to do is take under a minute to log that person/idea/opportunity in your CRM. The app will remind you to follow up, if you do follow up. then the opportunity can grow into something. If you don’t log it, 90% of the time nothing gets done. 12 months down the line you look back at where sales come from and see 30% originated from LinkedIn. Now you see the benefit of spending time on LinkedIn and channelling a % of your time into nurturing leads there.

Reason 3: Relevant Marketing

Many companies, yes very many, are guilty of the generic “newsletter”, where company news is packed into a mailchimp template hoping that one of the items is of interest to the reader. Wouldn’t it be far better to tailor that newsletter to the person reading it? If I’m a Health and Safety company with a wide client base, I’d increase the engagement on that newsletter if I sent hospitality related stories to my pub and restaurant clients. It’s highly likely they are not interested in health and safety for construction sites. The same goes for new products or services you want to market, if you can push those out in an engaging way to targeted clients you’ll have a far better uptake. The CRM system should allow you to slice and dice your client information in a couple of clicks.

We help with CRM

CRM is something we enjoy helping business with because it makes an immediate impact. We help companies get the right processes in place (far more important than software), we match the right CRM app to their business and we work alongside them to get them up and running and get good data in. If any of the above rings true with your business drop us a line to arrange an informal chat.


HSJ Strato – Helping you get CRM right


  1. White Label CRM

    CRM providers continually backup your data to a secure location, giving you peace of mind that your valuable customer data can be recovered in the event of a disaster.

    • Strato Team

      Totally agree, and that’s one aspect of CRM that’s often overlooked. (people focus more on the system functionality)

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