We are HSJ Strato

The techie arm of HSJ Accountants

We can take your business to the cloud

We can give you secure, real time, anytime anywhere access to your business data.

We can streamline your business, we join the dots and make other business data flow into your business hub.

We’re here to help you grow and thrive through using the right technology.

As business advisers 

We have been hearing about what you need as business owners; you need your systems to flow together nicely keeping you up to date on any area of your business, whether that is team management, job costing, quoting, sales leads, profitability ….

Of course, these systems need to work for you and not generate more work for you, they should be helping you to control your business effectively so that you can make the right decisions. They should help you and your team work collaboratively with the different areas of your business and your business advisers.

We are so passionate about this we have set up hsj strato to help you do just this.

Image of words passion led us here HSJ Strato is passionate about helping businesses thrive in the cloud

As software specialists 

We understand that systems don’t exist in isolation; data needs to flow from one place to another in order for a business to be productive and more profitable.

We can help you streamline your business advising on and embedding the right software for your business. We can also push valuable data into Xero by connecting other cloud apps or we can build custom bridges from one piece of software to another.

Our Experience of Xero is vast

We are Xero Gold Partners, every single team member is Xero certified. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses embrace the cloud and move to Xero. We’ve also helped them get the most from Xero by plugging in some of the 500+ Xero AddOns that are right for their business.

Image of a laptop - HSJ Strato helps businesses streamline how they operate

HSJ Strato

Why would you choose to work with team Strato?

We are a uniquely blended team, we are a group of visionary qualified accountants, business advisers and experienced software specialists. We understand both the numbers and the technology to help your business grow and thrive.


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