Mobile forms for business
One of the biggest bottle necks we see in businesses is the disconnect between staff who work remotely: those out on the road, out on client sites and those who are office based. Office based staff often get frustrated chasing paperwork from remote staff, asking for updates on progress and generally not being able to get the real day to day data they need.


Take a construction site, one of the biggest gripes of office staff is not having visibility over materials that are being ordered and delivered to site. Project costs quickly escalate and before you know where you are it’s time to have an awkward conversation with the client. If something as simple as a Purchase Order could be created easily on a smart phone or tablet and that information routed direct to the approver and then get processed what a difference it would make. The good news is this is can easily be done via mobile forms that run on and smart phones and tablets.


Mobile forms make capturing data, any form of data, including: text, images, sketches and signatures really easy. Paper and clipboards can be ditched, pull out your smart phone or tablet instead. Even when there is no wifi or mobile signal keep collecting the data you need, as soon as you are back online the data will be pushed up to the cloud.


Once it’s up in the cloud the even smarter bit is formatting the data how your business needs it and sending it where you need it. Do you need a branded Word document with the data slotted in? or a branded PDF? or just an email? we can even send an sms to alert colleagues new data has been posted. We can drop the data into Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Box, Amazon S3, SQL, Slack, Evernote … the list goes on.


DeviceMagic is a powerful digital form platform that helps you ditch paperwork, increase efficiency and boost data quality. What’s not to like? Get your time back 🙂


Image courtesy of devicemagic

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