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What's streamlining about?

Streamlining is about saving your business time and money by using smart technology

We are technology consultants

We are partnered with expert business advisers and qualified accountants. We sit and work side by side, our skills of business strategy, improvement and financial planning are tightly interwoven with our technical services.

This unique coupling allows us to look at a business as a whole, from several angles to find the right technology that will bring impacting results and take away day to day frustrations.

We make technology a fun and enriching journey that brings positive change. We work with all sizes and types of business, and with businesses at different stages of technology refresh.

Image of a laptop on a table, HSJ strato advises which cloud based software would most benefit a business

We listen

what frustrates you most about the day to day running of your business? Streamlining is about using the right technology to take away that frustration

Our Job

is to get to the heart of your business operations and help make them better. We iron out the bottlenecks and join up the dots.

We are full of bright ideas

on how your business can use technology to save time, save money and be able to grow. We look at your business as a whole and find the right solution for you.

We are cloud experts

We help businesses of all sizes take advantage of the wide variety of cloud apps available. We recommend and embed the right apps for your business. We make sure the data flows into your business to save time, effort and cost.

Why the Cloud?

Having your business data and operations in the cloud allows anytime anywhere access to what’s most important to you.

One of the biggest advantages of using Cloud based apps is that they allow other apps to connect to them. Joining the dots in this way means that data can be passed from one app to another without staff having to manually re-key data, this is a big step towards streamlining and making your business more productive.

Image of mobile devices HSJ Strato advises businesses how to work in the cloud

Where does Xero fit in?

Xero is a Cloud based accounting app, the financial hub of your business. Streamlining often starts with moving to or improving on Xero. Businesses want important financial data from everyday operations to flow seamlessly into Xero to have real time financial data.

We can help do that; we are Xero Gold Partners and have extensive experience not only of getting businesses up and running in Xero, but also of Xero AddOns, apps that connect to Xero.

Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital (MTD) can’t be ignored, it’s on it’s way. This will mean the end of the annual tax return and the introduction of quarterly online submissions. This alone will force thousands of businesses to move their financial data and tax reporting to the cloud.

We are fully prepared and experienced with a range of services to help businesses begin their streamlining journey and be compliant with MTD.


How do we get started?

Book a Strato scoping and solution session.

You will have 2 hours with one of our technology & business experts. We will talk about how you operate, what works well , the biggest headaches you are experiencing, the areas you would most like to focus improvement efforts on, what would bring the most positive impact to your business.

We will take this and construct a series of recommendations supported with a plan that we can work on together to address headaches, accelerate growth or whichever objectives you outlined during the streamlining session.

We will show you the path and work side by side with you to implement positive change.

Image of a client meeting HSJ offers streamlining sessions to get to the heart of business operations and help improve them

Take the first step today

Book a streamlining session and start your technology journey