what technology does your business run on

What does your business run on?

1.5 minute read – which technology does your business run on? All businesses, regardless of size use system(s) of some form to run their business. The size of the business is actually irrelevant, we’ve seen micro businesses who embrace technology … Continue Reading

Work smarter, not harder…3 step guide for property landlords

Working smarter and not harder can save you a lot of valuable time and effort. See how our new software app bundle can help you manage your property portfolio with ease.   1. Manage all your properties and tenancies in … Continue Reading

Property Management in the cloud with Re-Leased and HSJ Strato

HSJ Strato launches product bundle to help landlords with property management

The HSJ-Strato team have put together a bundle of products to help landlords manage their property portfolio efficiently and effectively. We have teamed up with Re-leased, a cloud-based property management application, which allows you to manage everything to do with … Continue Reading