XeroCon London

XeroCon 2018 London

The HSJ Accountants and HSJ Strato team headed again to London for the 2018 Xero conference – XeroCon. You can’t call XeroCon “an accounting conference”, if it were, then it would be the rock concert of accounting conferences or the … Continue Reading

HSJ Strato offers bespoke Xero training to UK businesses

Xero Training

The good news with Xero Training There is so much free Xero training material available online, enough to quickly get to grips with the key principles of Xero. A great place to start is Xero U Education, here you can find a … Continue Reading

Xero announces integration with Worldpay for payments against xero invoices

Worldpay joins the Xero party

Xero welcomes Worldpay If you take online card payments against invoices using Worldpay you might have been frustrated that you couldn’t feed these seamlessly into Xero, well, be frustrated no more! Xero recently announced their Worldpay integration. Long awaited by many SME’s, the … Continue Reading

How the cloud can improve your business and your work life balance

Keeping up with Admin For many business owners, keeping up with the administration is an unrelenting slog. The never-ending churn of paperwork when it comes to keeping the books up-to-date can see many businesses fall behind on the accuracy of … Read More

XeroCon London, many reasons to be cheerful

Day 1 is a wrap, well part 1 is a wrap, the night is young. Over 2,000 passionate Xero partners were treated to a day of wall to wall exciting product updates, news, key notes, futuristic visions, opinions …. and … Continue Reading

Xero Mobile App

Use the Xero Mobile App, Xero Touch, to keep your business running smoothly when you are out and about. It’s neat, easy to use and let’s you view balances, send invoices, get paid quicker and even reconcile your bank accounts. … Read More

5 nifty bits of cloud software every small business should consider

We love Xero, of course we do It’s a great bit of cloud software for bookkeeping and accounts. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses move to and thrive on Xero, it makes life so much easier (and cuts accountancy fees) having day … Continue Reading

HSJ Strato helps businesses convert from paper, excel, Sage or QuickBooks onto Xero

Xero is the new hero: why cloud-based accounting isn’t the future, it’s the now

If you haven’t heard of Xero, then you’re probably using Sage or Excel spreadsheets to manage your books. That’s fine, but don’t be surprised if over the next few minutes whilst reading this blog post you start getting incredibly annoyed … Continue Reading