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One the most respected providers of DBS background checks and Employment Screening systems in the UK.


Why did you decide to move to a cloud based Direct Debit system?

We are a business with a large customer base generating a high volume of daily transactions; we have grown significantly over the past 5 years and with the strategic advice of HSJ Strato we saw the need to streamline how we operate, particularly with regard to payment collections, and the benefits it could bring us.

What challenges were you facing?

Our biggest challenge was time. As our customer base grew daily it was evident that our collection processes were taking too long. Our accounts team when using our previous card based payment system were spending far too much time taking and tracking payments. We needed a process that could be easily operated, hence the cloud approach, and that could be automated to enable secure payment collection through Direct Debit.

How did HSJ Strato help?

HSJ Strato helped us from three key angles:

  • Business advice – with a high turnover, high transaction volume business, cashflow is key. They advised on a strategy to improve cashflow and forecasting by moving to Direct Debit. They subsequently helped us to establish our new business processes post go live.
  • Technical expertise – the solution chosen fitted the strategy and was planned, implemented, tested and supported by HSJ Strato.
  • Project management – the entire project, including liaising with our customers to onboard them to Direct Debit, was managed by HSJ Strato. It was key for us that our operations could not be interrupted during this transition process.

Which technology was chosen?

We’ve been Xero users for several years, HSJ Accountants assisted with our data cleansing when we migrated us off Sage onto Xero which in itself made a huge positive difference to our business. HSJ Strato then integrated GoCardless for Xero with Xero. GoCardless is a cloud based direct debit platform which when used in conjunction with GoCardless for Xero provides powerful automated direct debit collections.

What is the biggest benefit of moving your invoice collections to the Cloud?

The biggest benefit has been streamlining; the amount of time our accounts team now save is far greater than we were expecting. We’ve gained over 28 person hours per month which frees up the team to focus even more on our customers. We’ve also increased our weekly invoice collections by over 45%. One benefit we had not foreseen is the flexibility the cloud gives: our advisers and staff can work collaboratively with all the data they need at their fingertips.

Rachel Bedgood – Complete Background Screening

 ‘Without the help, support and knowledge received from HSJ Strato we would not be able to introduce an infrastructure that gives us the scalability we require for future growth.  Most businesses strive to create more revenue and increase profits but rapid growth can be detrimental to many organisations if the foundations are not solid.  HSJ Strato afford us the ability to know we are ready for the next wave of growth and our business is stronger than ever before’.

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