Property Management in the cloud with Re-Leased and HSJ Strato

HSJ Strato launches a new tech service for property management

The past couple of weeks have been busy for the team as we launched our latest tech service to help landlords with property management. We’ve teamed up with market leading Re-Leased software , a cloud based app that can be used on any device to take away the everyday headaches of managing properties.

Re-Leased is really easy to use, it’s equally useful to landlords with 1-5 properties as it is to those with 500+ properties. All the day to day tasks such as managing inspections, maintenance, contracts, rent payments etc. Powerful reporting shows how profitable properties are and there’s even a tenant app to streamline communication and cut down on email. Your property business can truly be taken in your pocket on any mobile device.

Here’s Jamie Eddy, a Re-Leased expert in the HSJ Strato team giving an overview of how easy it is to manage a portfolio of properties from a mobile device.

Read more on the benefits of using Re-Leased for property management here.

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