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What is CRM?

CRM Customer Relationship Management

That sounds like a broad and ambiguous term, is it the way you talk to your customers? is it about staying in touch with your customers in various different ways? is it about turning leads into sales then long term business? Is it about having a standard way of processing sales and leads?

It’s all of that and more.

The more

is the most useful information your business can have : customer insight all in one place. By having a CRM approach, your specific company approach, and a system to deliver it all the customer information lives in one place. When did you speak to them last? when did you email them? what service or product did they recently buy? What’s their lifetime value? How did you acquire them as a customer? Is there a trend to selling service x to sector y?

What CRM Isn't

CRM isn’t just a technology project, it isn’t just about selecting the right software. It’s true that there are a staggering number of CRM apps on the market today, all with different costs, different ways of carrying out CRM tasks and all integrating slightly differently with back office apps like Google, Microsoft etc.

Software is just the enabler, even though it’s very important to select the right software for your business CRM doesn’t start with software; it starts with thinking about how you want to run your sales process and how you want to nurture that client on an ongoing basis, and how you want to create a great customer experience.

Benefits of CRM

for every size of company

Increase Sales

Having a great customer relationship strategy will help increase new customer sales as well as increasing retained business. Think back to the last time you bought a car, if the garage or dealership is brilliant at aftercare making repairs and servicing ultra easy who will you go to for your next car? Trust and a high service level has been built up over time, this very often earns loyalty.

Information is power

Having all your customer information in one place will give you a great view into who are the best customers and which markets and segments are best for your business. Giving this information to your sales and marketing team or person will enable them to sell more and target relevant information to your customers and prospects. It also give you the insight to make decisions about who you don’t want to sell to. If a particular type of client has a lower lifetime value and requires a high level of effort to acquire it would make more sense to direct efforts elsewhere.

Save Time

Another key benefit of CRM is automation and time saving. CRM software is designed to save you time and do automated tasks like create diary markers to follow up on opportunities and allow you to automate some of the steps in your sales process. Both of these ensure you don’t miss an opportunity and whether you are a one person band or a team, everybody is reaching out to potential and existing customers in the same way.

How we help

We have the experience to help companies of all sizes from one member of staff to tens of staff. We can help you work out what it is you want to achieve with CRM and define the right process that will help deliver it.

We can also do the techie stuff such as getting the right software embedded into your business and helping you gather and clean the information to go in it.

CRM doesn’t have to be a daunting costly project, it can easily be broken down into manageable chunks. We help create those chunks and get you up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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