expensify receipt scanning software

We all loathe doing expenses, but it’s a must do job if we want to get reimbursed or for companies wanting to accurately track spend and profitability. It needn’t be painful with Expensify.

No more paper

Pull our your mobile phone, snap that receipt then let Expensify do all the work with its automated SmartScan technology. It reads the receipt and asks you to input only minimal data such as any comments you might want to add. Next, sit back and relax, that receipt is winging it’s way to the powers that be.

Manage all your corporate cards

Any finance department will know how long it can take to reconcile the business credit card statements. Missing receipts … unclear spends ….

Expensify makes it easy, the credit card statements can be automatically pulled into Expensify and the cards linked to staff members, painless!

Easy expense approval

Whether your team is 3 or 300, you can create your company’s expense policy in Expensify and mold an approval workflow around it. No need for managers or the finance department to sift through mounds of paper, a glance at the expensify inbox will tell you all you need to know. Expenses which don’t adhere to the policy are flagged up and you’ll be guided trough an approval workflow.

Send expenses to Xero

No more manual entry of expenses into Xero, as soon as they are approved in expensify they appear in Xero all ready for payment.

Expense reports with Expensify take 83% less time

If you’d like help on saving time with Expensify, drop us a line, we can get you up and running and data flowing into Xero in no time.

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