Getting paid faster using the cloud

We've helped our Professional Services client save 40% by streamlining their invoice collection

Our professional services client completes hundreds of transactions a week, we helped them innovate their invoice collection process saving 40% on time whilst hugely improving cashflow.

The challenge

To collect thousands of payments a month quicker and more cost effectively then integrate those payments with their accountancy platform.

What did we do?

We implemented a fully integrated and streamlined cloud based Direct Debit payment collection system. We transitioned over 1,000 of their clients handling all the necessary communication, then integrated those payments with Xero, their accountancy platform.
The results where satisfying, invoice collection now takes 40% less time, credit control is a fraction of its previous requirement and cashflow is predictable and healthy.
Using the cloud for invoice collection is secure, scalable and pays significant dividends in terms of resourcing and cashflow.

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