Keeping up with Admin

For many business owners, keeping up with the administration is an unrelenting slog. The never-ending churn of paperwork when it comes to keeping the books up-to-date can see many businesses fall behind on the accuracy of their accounts; potentially costing them a fortune in fees and overpaid tax liabilities. With the advent of cloud accounting, keeping accurate records is easier than ever. Not only are business owners working from real-time data, but they are free to spend their time more productively on income generating tasks.

Billy Tilley, Managing Director at Newport-based Distinct IT, is a perfect example.

“It used to be a real headache for me. Not only was it a huge drain on my time but it dictated how, where and when I would work. The system we previously used was disjointed and could only be accessed from a desktop in a single location; it was old-hat, clunky and I had to structure my working pattern around its limitations.

“Working on the books on weekends was a regular occurrence for me, and I had to ensure that I downloaded an up-to-date file of the previous system so there were no missed transactions or inaccuracies; it was a bit of a nightmare. The number of times I had to head into the office on weekends and days off to download an accurate copy of the books negated the point of working from home – it was easier to spend longer in the office!”

Working evenings and weekends at the office wasn’t an appealing option for Billy, especially with a young family at home.

HSJ Strato Helped

Enter HSJ Strato – the tech advisers with a firm grasp on accounting and professional services. The team at HSJ Strato set about getting Distinct IT onto cloud accounting software, Xero.

Billy said:

Moving into the cloud with Xero has given me transparency of my accounts, my business and has enabled me to work from home with accurate and real-time information which can be accessed from any of my devices securely and with ease.”

“Everything from entering and clearing invoices, logging bills, submitting VAT returns and payroll; it has simplified the operating function of the business and slashed the administration costs.

“I don’t need to keep piles of paperwork and receipts anymore; it all gets automatically uploaded into the cloud and into our bookkeeping software. I can sit at home on my iPad and view that information or I can go into the office and view it. It really has changed my work-life balance.”

When it comes to efficiency, it isn’t just the books that are seeing the benefit:

“I am able to dedicate much more of my time to bringing business in, spending time with clients and communicating with my team; having the weight of paperwork lifted from me is something that has liberated my working life.”


HSJ Strato works with businesses on embedding the right technology to take away operational headaches and reduce administrative duties through using automation and cloud-based solutions.

If you, like Billy, would like to get time back drop us a line for a free consultation.


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