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Property Management in the cloud with Re-Leased and HSJ Strato

Property Management using the cloud in under 2 minutes

HSJ Strato launches a new tech service for property management The past couple of weeks have been busy for the team as we launched our latest tech service to help landlords with property management. We’ve teamed up with market leading … Continue Reading

HSJ Strato offers bespoke Xero training to UK businesses

Xero Training

The good news with Xero Training There is so much free Xero training material available online, enough to quickly get to grips with the key principles of Xero. A great place to start is Xero U Education, here you can find a … Continue Reading

Jamie Eddy HSJ Strato Manager

HSJ Strato welcomes new team member

Fanfare … we have a new team member We warmly welcome Jamie Eddy, appointed as Strato Manager. He wears jazzy socks, teaches dance and is a seasoned professional in the cloud sector. Leanne Owen, partner at HSJ Strato, said: “Jamie … Continue Reading

Xero announces integration with Worldpay for payments against xero invoices

Worldpay joins the Xero party

Xero welcomes Worldpay If you take online card payments against invoices using Worldpay you might have been frustrated that you couldn’t feed these seamlessly into Xero, well, be frustrated no more! Xero recently announced their Worldpay integration. Long awaited by many SME’s, the … Continue Reading

3 Reasons to do CRM. HSJ Strato helps businesses get CRM right.

3 reasons why you probably need to think about CRM

3 Reasons to do CRM Software vendors will of course say that your company needs to have a CRM app and a process. You may think “just another cloud subscription increasing my overheads…” or you might be thinking “we probably … Continue Reading

Mobile forms for business

Mobile forms for business – why they are a winner

Get off paper Getting off paper and onto a mobile device is a without a doubt a big win from day one. Businesses who have a team, however small, who are not office based reap the benefits. We typically work … Continue Reading

Image of Zapier Logo HSJ Strato recommends Zapier for connecting data from one system to another

How to automate easily

Tasks automation can do well With today’s technology it’s easier than ever to automate everyday business tasks and save time. The tasks that are great for automation are those which rely on somebody remembering to do something. Usually they are quite quick … Continue Reading

The office can be anywhere – run yours on mobile apps

Are you struggling to find time to create or respond to quotes? Do you feel you are losing business because you are not tracking opportunities? Are you working late nights to keep up? HSJ Strato can help, we help business … Read More

Run your business from your mobile phone

Using the right mobile apps can dramatically boost your business performance as well as save you a lot of time. We help businesses wanting to go mobile and be able to work while they are out on the road. We’ve … Read More

Introducing HSJ Strato – the cloud technology specialists

We are a unique team of accountants, business specialists and technology experts. We help businesses grow and improve by using the right technology. We select, integrate and embed the right technology to solve everyday problems.  We believe technology can’t exist … Read More