Image of Zapier Logo HSJ Strato recommends Zapier for connecting data from one system to another

How to automate easily

Tasks automation can do well With today’s technology it’s easier than ever to automate everyday business tasks and save time. The tasks that are great for automation are those which rely on somebody remembering to do something. Usually they are quite quick … Continue Reading

The office can be anywhere – run yours on mobile apps

Are you struggling to find time to create or respond to quotes? Do you feel you are losing business because you are not tracking opportunities? Are you working late nights to keep up? HSJ Strato can help, we help business … Read More

Run your business from your mobile phone

Using the right mobile apps can dramatically boost your business performance as well as save you a lot of time. We help businesses wanting to go mobile and be able to work while they are out on the road. We’ve … Read More

Introducing HSJ Strato – the cloud technology specialists

We are a unique team of accountants, business specialists and technology experts. We help businesses grow and improve by using the right technology. We select, integrate and embed the right technology to solve everyday problems.  We believe technology can’t exist … Read More

How the cloud can improve your business and your work life balance

Keeping up with Admin For many business owners, keeping up with the administration is an unrelenting slog. The never-ending churn of paperwork when it comes to keeping the books up-to-date can see many businesses fall behind on the accuracy of … Read More

Image of mobile devices HSJ Strato advises businesses how to work in the cloud

5 tips to streamline your business successfully

Automate, automate There are now consistent messages to automate and streamline every area of your life.  You shouldn’t be doing this task or that task anymore.  Technology should be doing everything for you – roll on the techno mini me … Continue Reading

XeroCon London, many reasons to be cheerful

Day 1 is a wrap, well part 1 is a wrap, the night is young. Over 2,000 passionate Xero partners were treated to a day of wall to wall exciting product updates, news, key notes, futuristic visions, opinions …. and … Continue Reading

Digital Festival 2017

The tech buzz was electric at this week’s Digital Festival hosted at Tramshed Tech, well and truly proving that London is not the only world for tech events! Welcome to Cardiff, home to a vibrant tech community of collaborators, innovators, start-ups, trail blazers, … Continue Reading

expensify receipt scanning software

Expensify – spend less time doing your expenses

We all loathe doing expenses, but it’s a must do job if we want to get reimbursed or for companies wanting to accurately track spend and profitability. It needn’t be painful with Expensify. No more paper Pull our your mobile phone, snap … Continue Reading

Xero Mobile App

Use the Xero Mobile App, Xero Touch, to keep your business running smoothly when you are out and about. It’s neat, easy to use and let’s you view balances, send invoices, get paid quicker and even reconcile your bank accounts. … Read More