Jamie Eddy HSJ Strato Manager

Fanfare … we have a new team member

We warmly welcome Jamie Eddy, appointed as Strato Manager. He wears jazzy socks, teaches dance and is a seasoned professional in the cloud sector.

Leanne Owen, partner at HSJ Strato, said: “Jamie coming on board is a real coup for us. His wealth of experience at a relatively young age, partnered with his unrivalled passion for tech, makes him a great addition to the team.”

Jamie joins from a Bristol-based firm and the 31-year-old made no secret of his excitement of joining the business: “Strato is really pushing the boundaries when it comes seeking cloud opportunities and tech within business use. It is exciting being at the cutting edge of seeking out which tech to implement within a business and how these all talk together.


Unrivalled passion for tech

“The tech conversion is happening everywhere we look, from talking AI devices in our homes (I’m looking at you, Alexa) to driverless cars. We have become so reliant on tech that convergence at every opportunity is happening and if it isn’t possible yet, it will be soon. The pace it will move at is rapid, too. 10 years ago we were introduced to the iPhone and now we can’t live without a smart device on us at all times. It isn’t the future, it is the present.”

HSJ Strato works with businesses on embedding the right technology to take away operational headaches in an effort to reduce administrative duties whilst using automation and cloud-based solutions.

Jamie recently moved to Newport in order to teach dance in his spare time. A self-penned real-life Billy Elliot, Jamie is an accomplished boxer as well as dance floor maestro.


Jamie’s vision for HSJ Strato

Regarding his aims for HSJ Strato, Jamie said: “My aim is to help the business find the best tools for our clients to improve their workflow whilst freeing up more time for those businesses to do what they do best. Running a portfolio is a huge passion of mine and I look forward to helping guide HSJ Strato to the forefront of the tech industry in Wales.”

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