Newport-based accountancy firm launches cloud division HSJ Strato

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks since our website went live. HSJ Strato, an arm of HSJ Accountants is officially launched and already helping clients streamline their business using cloud technology.

We have grand ambitions to bring the best cloud software from across the globe to the fingertips of Welsh businesses and beyond.

Leanne Owen, partner at HSJ, said: “This is a huge step for us as a firm. Business advice and technical expertise are tightly interwoven and we believe that helping businesses take advantage of the potential the cloud offers is key to their future growth and profitability. It’s time for accountants to play a broader role in helping businesses reach their goals. HSJ Strato is the future.

“We have a brimming business community in south Wales, but some of the infrastructure is lacking in terms of connectivity. It is well-documented that the M4, particularity around Newport, is hindering business growth at present, as is poor internet connections in more rural parts of the country.

“It is our vision that we can challenge these boundaries by helping businesses in Wales to utilise some of the world’s best cloud-software that will help them save time, money and focus resources on more productive activity.”

Accountancy package Xero is a key product for us, with the add-on and integrated products that work with the software truly maximising the powers of automation and cloud-based accounting.

We want to work with businesses on embedding the right technology to take away operational headaches in an effort to reduce administrative duties whilst using automation and cloud-based solutions.

Leanne said: “This decision has stemmed from researching the market and listening to the needs of our clients as well as businesses and organisations across the UK. Over the last few years, we have seen emerging technology that can make huge differences to businesses. However, if it is not embedded properly, its full potential is not reached.

“We have made investment into our offering and our team to ensure that we have expert technology specialists working alongside seasoned accounting professionals. This duality of service ensures we are perfectly placed to advise on all manner of software and technology to help businesses streamline and grow.”

Whilst having a close relationship with the accountancy side of the business, HSJ Strato will be working from Tramshed Tech in Cardiff.

Leanne was keen to stress that this was a long-term investment for the practice: “This is where our sector is headed. Businesses have long used accountants in an advisory capacity, not just for compliance. This is simply modernising the service to ensure that business owners are running their organisations as efficiently and effectively as they can. We understand the technological challenges that businesses face, specifically those in Wales. Our mission is help businesses in Wales realise their potential whilst streamlining operations with an affordable investment in cloud software.

“From Xero integration, to managing CRM systems, to enabling internal communications between office-based and remote workers, to reducing administrative stress; we can advise on, implement and sustain the use of software whilst reducing workloads and needless administrative duplication which costs time and money.”


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