Mobile forms for business

Get off paper

Getting off paper and onto a mobile device is a without a doubt a big win from day one. Businesses who have a team, however small, who are not office based reap the benefits. We typically work with Engineers, Builders, Trades contractors and Health & Safety companies. Engineers especially have longer running projects that are all carried out on client site, the team is normally away Monday to Friday. The challenge the office based team has is keeping up with the day to day: how many hours were worked? Have there been variances to contract? Has work been signed off by the client or main subcontractor? When can a payment stage be billed? It’s really hard to keep a project under control if you don’t have daily, real time data, and it’s definitely harder to reclaim project costs if the paperwork trail is not available. Mobile forms can help you overcome all this by allowing your staff to send you real time data using a mobile phone or tablet.

Creating Mobile Forms – how?

How do you do go about creating mobile forms? The easiest way is to subscribe to a mobile forms platform which will enable you to build as many forms as you need. There are lots out there, knowing which is the best for your business is not straightforward, this is partly why businesses get overwhelmed by choice and end up not doing anything at all.

All mobile forms apps have (to a greater or lesser degree) a straightforward screen that will allow you to build your exact same paper form as a mobile one. You’ll need to learn how to add the fields to the mobile form to emulate your paper one.

The trickier part is what you want to do with the data you’ve collected. Most of our clients have very specific branded templates and want the data fed into these templates. This completely depends how much the forms app will let you do. Some allow you to create 100% customised reports in Word and PDF, others will limit the level of customisation.

Mobile Forms with DeviceMagic

After testing numerous forms apps we chose DeviceMagic as our preferred platform. It allows us to create simple or complex forms which include images, sketches, GPS locations, signatures etc. plus It allows us to customise the output 100%. For example we can build a timesheet that teams fill it in at the end of each day, the hours are automatically calculated, the client signature can be collected, then we can automate production a custom summary report which gets sent straight back to the office project team. Now the office team know exactly what’s going on at the client site, the benefits are impacting and immediate.

If you are interested in exploring mobile forms for your business drop us a line for a free chat, or read more here on what mobile forms can do.

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