Go Mobile

Ditch Paperwork, easily collect difficult data when you are out of the office with mobile forms

We build mobile forms

so you can work easily using a smart phone or tablet device

Easy to use

Collect data in any way: tick boxes, text, photos, sketches … even signatures. Speed up your job, get more done

On or offline

Work anywhere, if you are offline, no problem. Collect your data and submit it later

Great for inspections

Quickly carry out inspections, surveys, audit and assessments. Easy to capture difficult data.

DeviceMagic mobile forms by HSJ Strato

Send data anywhere

We can email your form data or send to dropbox, GoogleDrive … into a database, onto your network …..

Make it pretty

We can put your form data into Word or PDF in any template you want, branded with your logo. No more report writing.

Cost effective & Secure

Pay per device, there’s no limit on how much data you submit. Share devices in a team. Your data is stored safely in the cloud

Mobile forms save time

If you collect data in the field a mobile device can save hours of collection time and eliminate the paper work afterwards. There’s no need to re-key the data, we can format it, brand it, send it and store it where you need it.

Who are mobile forms great for?

Mobile forms are great for people who carry out inspections, audits assessments and surveys. They are a great way to collect data quickly and consistently. The data is formatted however you need it and sent where you need it.

Mobile forms are also great for companies who have staff out on project sites, like construction, engineering or trades. With mobile forms you can easily create job sheets, timesheets, purchase orders, sign off sheets, Health & Safety compliance sheets etc. you can turn all your site paperwork into digital format with mobile forms.

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What can we do for your business?

We can turn your paper forms into mobile forms, formatting them exactly as you need them and sending them back to the office quickly. We can then train your staff to build new ones so you can save even more time and money going forwards.

What’s the cost?

We’ll give you a fixed price for creating your mobile forms, then just pay as little as £11 per month per device for unlimited forms and submissions.

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Go paperless with mobile forms