Solutions for Education and Training

Great software to help you run your education and training business

We’ve worked with on and offline training and education businesses. For both there is significant opportunity to make every day operations more agile and drive up profits long term. The challenges we see are:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – gaining and looking after customers
  • Having a consistent and effective sales process
  • Document Management – obtaining electronically signed documents
  • Document Management – cutting down on paper based documentation
  • Effective working for staff in the field
  • Online course payments
  • Business performance reporting

We have extensive experience in embedding software to address these areas, especially around business growth through effective CRM linking to Document Management and online course payments.

Why use cloud software?

Working in the cloud is cost effective, secure and flexible; you an easily scale up and down and pay for only what you need. It also means you can run or monitor your business from anywhere using a mobile device. Your business information is uploaded instantly ensuring that everything you see is in real time.

How can we help?

We’ve worked with businesses like yours, we can help make your day to day running easier by embedding the right systems and processes.
We’re always there from start to finish ensuring that your staff embrace the changes and that technology really works for you. New technology and processes don’t have to be daunting, we’re used to working with business owners and teams to get it right first time.

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