Solutions for Therapy & Beauty

Great software to help you run your therapy and beauty business

Therapists and beauty businesses face a competitive market, one where retaining customers is key. The right software can help you run your business in a far more agile way making it much easier for your customer to reach out to your services. The common challenges we see when working with therapy and beauty businesses are:

  • Filling appointments and reducing cancellations
  • Enabling online and mobile booking
  • Taking payments
  • Staying in touch with customers
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Selling add on products
  • Keeping bookkeeping as simple as possible
  • Tracking profitability
  • Monitor business performance remotely

We’ve embedded cost effective software to address all those challenges. The biggest opportunity is enabling easy online booking and cancellation. With this in place the other elements wrap around it driving up profits. If you would like to work smarter and increase profits, drop us a line, we’ll be able to help.

Why use cloud software?

Working in the cloud is cost effective, secure and flexible; you an easily scale up and down and pay for only what you need. It also means you can run or monitor your business from anywhere using a mobile device. Your business information is uploaded instantly ensuring that everything you see is in real time.

How can we help?

We’ve worked with businesses like yours, we can help make your day to day running easier by embedding the right systems and processes.
We’re always there from start to finish ensuring that your staff embrace the changes and that technology really works for you. New technology and processes don’t have to be daunting, we’re used to working with business owners and teams to get it right first time.

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