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Automate, automate

There are now consistent messages to automate and streamline every area of your life.  You shouldn’t be doing this task or that task anymore.  Technology should be doing everything for you – roll on the techno mini me that can shop, babysit and taxi as well as running and growing my business.  But with all this talk of streamlining, automation and time saving – why aren’t I sitting on the beach, twiddling my thumbs thinking what to do next as the robots run my life better than I could?

Well, considering your business, an important point to bear in mind is that when you decide to automate and go digital, this does not mean a magic wand makes everything digital and beautiful overnight.  When you decide to go digital you are actually making a decision to change your business operations, to invest in your business so it carries you into the future, gives you scalability and credibility.  When you consider it in these terms – of course there will be some headaches and wouldn’t you expect that if you want to implement a system to help you grow, future proof and be competitive in the future market place.

5 Tips to streamline your business

1) Be Realistic

If I said to you do you want to invest in transforming your business systems to protect the future of your company, to be credible in current and future markets and create scalability, you would seriously consider the investment and expect some hard work and headaches right? Just because the end destination is streamlined and slick doesn’t mean getting there is – to truly take the transformation on board, be realistic about the journey and the obstacles you will face.

2) Teams Win

Whether you have an army of employees or one trusted assistant -communication must be a top priority for an effective transition. Explain why this is happening and why it is important for the business, what the plan is going forward and what role they can play in helping with this.

3) Identify Processes

List all of your business operations. This will be completely different for each business – work in flow charts; of supplier process and interaction; sales process and interaction; how and when you receive money; how internal teams work alongside and communicate with each other; how stock is managed if applicable, or projects.  You may end up with 10 flow charts of operations within your business.

4) Reflect

Step 3 is a basic outline of how your business operates, now consider, for each section / operation, if you had a blank page and everybody involved would play ball – customers / suppliers / employees how would you like that process to look. What would be the most efficient model of achieving the same outcome?  (tip – this should look quicker and less of a headache than it does now )

5) Get Help

Get professional help. This is an investment in the future.  By trying to go it alone there are set backs in your learning time, you may not know all of the solutions out there and you don’t know what you don’t know.  For maximum effect get the right help involved at the right stage whether that’s the first step or the last step for you

If you would like help streamlining your business, get in touch, we help a range of businesses improve the way they work

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