what technology does your business run on

1.5 minute read – which technology does your business run on?

All businesses, regardless of size use system(s) of some form to run their business. The size of the business is actually irrelevant, we’ve seen micro businesses who embrace technology fully and run several different apps to minimise administration and maximize their time. We’ve also seen medium sized businesses using just core products like Microsoft Office and relying on Excel to run their day to day. However, these businesses faced significant issues with data duplication and time the team were spending on inputting data.

How can you improve how your business runs?

Most business owners don’t have extensive knowledge of technology, apps and software on the market to streamline day to day running so a good place to start is with your processes. If you are a larger business with teams/departments start by breaking down what each team does on a daily basis. It will give you a good idea of actual tasks, data they use, where they get it from and what they do with it. This will highlight areas where people are spending too much time to complete a task because they don’t have the data they need. For example, we’ve seen companies who receive a lot of leads via their website, the leads are emailed to a sales team, the sales team need to monitor that email account then type the leads into a sales system. Leads get missed, typing in the data takes time. Why not hook the website directly into the sales system to avoid manual data entry? If there isn’t a sales system, then that becomes the top priority for improving how a business runs.

For small businesses and one person operations it’s all about time, as the challenge is often to scale the business without taking on more employees. In the same way as a larger company, take a look at what you do every day to generate sales and deliver your product or service. Where are you spending the majority of your time? Is it the type of task that could be automated? What would make it easier? From this you’ll be able to ask for help on specific areas of your business that will deliver the most return.

We help businesses improve how they run

We love helping businesses improve how they run. We carry out all of the above and tease out areas that could streamlined, we suggest new processes and apply the right apps to drive those processes. If you’d like a chat about improving your business, just drop us a line and we’ll arrange a call or coffee.

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