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Tenn Ltd is a leading retail design and build consultancy supplying some of the UK's largest high street retailers

Why did you decide to move to the cloud?

Our business operates from 2 x areas, Production in Bridgend and Design, sales and installations team in London.  When Tenn Started 2012 we used a traditional book keeping package.  I found that the package is steered towards the accountant and was found it clumsy when trying to manage the accounts in real time, the way the information was conveyed made it difficult for the layperson to fully understand and utilise the information available.

In 2015 we moved our accountant to HSJ and working closely with Leanne Owen we moved from a traditional package to a cloud based accounting package.

The main reason for moving over was to have real time visualisation of cash flow and give the ability to understand this information and for different directors to track through and see a particular spending with a supplier and customer sales.  This is done easily with multi user license and each license having different visibility relevant to their position on sales.

As part of the updating we moved all book keeping over to HSJ Leanne is our dedicated account manager and she works closely with one of her Managers who manages the accounts on a day to day process.

We do not pretend use every feature of the software as advertised but the additional elements we have found useful is now quoting through the system. Invoicing is now generated from the quote which allows us to track sales from initial quote accepted quote which are in production prior to invoicing.

This has been a massive sea change in production cash flow pinch points.

The additional benefit are features like expenses.  This is one example of how the software has integrated into our production lifecycle and everyone is using the same software.

Having HSJ STRATO run the accounts has allowed the business develop and grow, with a professional understanding and continuing development of accountant protocols.


Was the conversion a headache?

Not really compared to the benefits it has provided.  We handed the project over completely to HSJ STRATO so all we had to do was learn how to use it really.


What is the biggest benefit your business has seen by moving to the cloud?

My business partner and I have complete visibility in real time, regularly us two and our accountant and business adviser Leanne are logged in together and on a conference call managing cash inflows and outflows and planning for the future.

Has being on the cloud given you time back during the month?

Definitely, on the desk-top solution we used to have our book keeper had to compile reports manually and send them over to us every Friday of how the week had gone and what the next week looks like – now we just log in and check. We also use it to raise quotes and when the quote is one we can convert it to an invoice at the click of a button, this is so much quicker than us typing them on word as we used to. The other area it has really helped us improve efficiency is managing staff expenses.


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