Bridging the gap between field and office with mobile forms

We've helped clients hugely streamline how then operate by using mobile devices

We’ve worked with Engineers, Commercial Cleaners and Trades clients to remove the paperwork bottleneck from their business.

The challenge

Quite simply to get paperwork back from site staff immediately rather than waiting until the end of the week when they come to the office. This was causing major delays to project billing, health and safety obligations and payroll.

What did we do?

For our Engineering client we built a suite of mobile forms that work both on apple and android devices, on or offline. All their paperwork including job sign offs, project change requests, job progress updates and timesheets is now digital and easily submitted from smart phones instantaneously sending information back to the office.
Timesheets particularly has been a major time saver for the office team. Hundreds of timesheets are submitted every month from staff out on site, making the project tracking and payroll process far quicker.

We can build any form onto a mobile device from simple to very complex, allowing users to upload images, draw sketches, collect signature as well as entering text or ticking boxes.

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